Changes in the Clinic

Promotions as of today March 26, 2018:

1. Stanley Ngui will be focused on the Ngui-Matrix, and development of the tools and methods which facilitate its usability for practitioners and the public. He is promoted to Chief Integrative Medicine Doctor.
2. Justin Ngui will be the Principle Practitioner and Clinical Supervisor at Nguistyle.
3. Jessie Zsolt will be practicing as a Registered Acupuncturist as soon as her official license is received from the College (which we hope will be very soon).
4. Angela Szeto will join the Nguistyle family as an apprentice.

Other Changes:
1. Ann will be leaving the Nguistyle family within a week to seek new adventure. She will be missed by us all.

Happy Chinese New Year 2018!

This year is the year of the Earth Dog! We welcome this year as a very different energy than the one that has previously been occupying our life space. It is a time of more inner reflection and focus on the self. We welcome the new energy and look forward to being grounded in our upcoming energetic year!
Sun leen fai lok! Gung hai fat choi!

Post Bio-Energetic workshop

The the first of our workshops on the Bio-Energetic method developed by Grandmaster Stanley Ngui is in the books!
Many great experiences were shared as well as introducing the beginnings of a new wave of preventative and continual care for the fight against cancer!
Future workshops will be posted on the website for further instruction, as well as the next iteration of Session #1 for those who missed the workshop.
Grandmaster Stanley Ngui hopes to bring more workshops to the public and continue to speak, demonstrate and take part in healing with everyone much more in the future!
Stay tuned to our emails and our blog posting for more details.