Chinese New Year -> Year of the Goat/Sheep/Ram

As the new year approaches, we are saying goodbye to the powerful year of the horse.
For some this has been a great year of prosperity and good fortune, and for others it has been a struggle to keep in front of the rising tide.
It can be said that the year will end with a strong energy.

We look forward to harnessing this energy and using it to propel us forward into the new year.

At the studio we are hard at work training our Qigong and Gongfu to demonstrate at the Chinese New Year Banquet.
Students are hard at work and Sigong and I are putting lots of energy towards having a great time.

We appreciate all the people that have bought tickets to sell out our banquet once again this year.

See you at the banquet!

Asian Integrative Medicine Symposium 2014

This year we continued to support Carbo Medical and ETD at their 2014 Asain Integrative Medicine Symposium.
There were many terrific speakers this year and many, many enthusiastic participants.

Sigong Stanley, Sifu Justin and Sihing Jessie were the instructors for the Qigong accreditation at the symposium.
Many students should a very keen interest in Qigong, and it seems to be growing every year. We are appreciative of the participation from the attendees and the enthusiastic response from the class from them as well as the organizers.

We are looking forward to doing it again next year!
Keep your calendars marked!

Click here for more information on AIMS 2014.