Wind and Water

Feng Shui, translated as “Wind Water”, is the Chinese science of energy movement through space. There are many energies within the home (i.e. Wind and Water) that can be unlocked, and the spacial arrangement that opens those energies is found within its composition. This in turn, will impact how your home will affect your health and the quality of your life.

Most of you have experienced, at one time or another, how the space inside your home affects the way you feel. It’s hard to deny that when the dishes are clean, the kitchen feels better. When the kitchen feels better, meals feel better. When meals feel better, you have more energy. The more energy you have, the more you can make the rest of the home feel fluid and natural as a space you can rejuvenate in. The space that you actually WANT it to be. This is a simple example of how we are in a constant relationship with our surroundings. We change our space, and our space changes us.

Feng Shui goes beyond good cleaning habits – it optimizes the energy of your home. Better energy in your home translates into better energy in your life. Something doesn’t have to be broken to make it better.

Feng Shui will teach you how to make your space work for you. There is a way to align the energy of your home with the direction of your goals to make life effortless. When the energy of your home flows smoothly, life is much simpler, and you are able to put your focus into the things you really desire.

Want to learn more…

Join us on September 29 with Grandmaster Stanley Ngui to learn the foundational principles of feng shui!

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Sigong Class Update

SiGong is leaving for Jamacia this weekend, December 14th and will be out of the office until December 30th. Stanley will be resuming classes in the new year and we will have an updated class schedule posted for everybody! SiHing Jessie will be teaching class on the 18th at 6PM. See you all there. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Changes in the Clinic

Promotions as of today March 26, 2018:

1. Stanley Ngui will be focused on the Ngui-Matrix, and development of the tools and methods which facilitate its usability for practitioners and the public. He is promoted to Chief Integrative Medicine Doctor.
2. Justin Ngui will be the Principle Practitioner and Clinical Supervisor at Nguistyle.
3. Jessie Zsolt will be practicing as a Registered Acupuncturist as soon as her official license is received from the College (which we hope will be very soon).
4. Angela Szeto will join the Nguistyle family as an apprentice.

Other Changes:
1. Ann will be leaving the Nguistyle family within a week to seek new adventure. She will be missed by us all.

Happy Chinese New Year 2018!

This year is the year of the Earth Dog! We welcome this year as a very different energy than the one that has previously been occupying our life space. It is a time of more inner reflection and focus on the self. We welcome the new energy and look forward to being grounded in our upcoming energetic year!
Sun leen fai lok! Gung hai fat choi!

Post Bio-Energetic workshop

The the first of our workshops on the Bio-Energetic method developed by Grandmaster Stanley Ngui is in the books!
Many great experiences were shared as well as introducing the beginnings of a new wave of preventative and continual care for the fight against cancer!
Future workshops will be posted on the website for further instruction, as well as the next iteration of Session #1 for those who missed the workshop.
Grandmaster Stanley Ngui hopes to bring more workshops to the public and continue to speak, demonstrate and take part in healing with everyone much more in the future!
Stay tuned to our emails and our blog posting for more details.