COIVD-19 Update 03-31-2020

According to the Chief Medical Officer of Health in Ontario, there is an immediate risk to health care persons in Ontario from COVID-19. He is mandating that services be ceased for regulated health professionals.

As of 03-21-2020 the clinic is closed for all services including Chinese Medicine and Integrative Medicine treatments.
  • We are available for online consultations: contact us at our e-mail address to set up a scheduled time.
  • We have herbal prescription pickup on Mondays between 10am – 12pm
  • We will be streaming LIVE classes at 2pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday through Facebook. Please go to our Facebook page to see the videos! Click here for Nguistyle Facebook page.
  • Our blog will be updated multiple times a week with content on lifestyle, qigong, mindfulness and health.

  • Please contact the clinic if you have any questions at