Embracing The Unknown

All of our lives have all been transformed in one way or another by the recent events of COVID-19. Many of us may feel that we have lost much of our routine, conventional ways and societal freedoms, and without the ability to see an endpoint in the near future, this has most people scrambling to find normalcy.  A great deal of emotion is involved in finding what used to be yours so easily.  The dominant of which no one really likes to talk about. We hide it, we mask it, we ignore it, but ultimately it always catches up with us.  We are talking about Fear.  And more specifically, fear of the unknown.

            However, before we continue, we should to take a moment to recognize fear and understand it a little better. Often without knowing it, fear can be the driving force in much of one’s life. Fear can easily creep into the rational mind. It is the one that pushes for an answer and drives us to fight for control of every detail. Fear boxes us in. It tells us that that if we do not know the outcome, things will not be okay. Fear is cold.  It makes us contract and pull away from the outside world.  And with the unknown as its partner, this environment provides optimal circumstances for fear to take hold one’s life.

            But in the face of the unknown, there is an alternative to fear, that is freedom. How could something so contrary be so useful? The answer lies in your state of mind.  Much of what we perceive as freedom can come from how our mind acknowledges that perception.  And because mental freedom is so influential to our cognitive self, it becomes foundational to our happiness. Our learning changes our perspective, and with a little practice, we are able to re-learn how to experience the world in ways that benefit us. Quite simply if we practice freedom, we are free. Moments of pressure and strain become the ample opportunities we need to cultivate our mental freedom. Over the next week, we are going to learn how to transform a small space into a limitless space. We are going to practice opening our minds and our hearts, so that we can learn how to be free, and the beautiful thing is that all you need is you.