Everyone Wants to Get There Yesterday

A part of our lives is spent wanting for one thing or another to be different. Feelings of dissatisfaction and incompleteness can define your internal world. This usually becomes the force that drives us to “be better”. For example, the motivation for many people to start working out is often that they are dissatisfied with their body or health. Health kicks such as these are usually short lived, since key source of motivation is feeling bad, creating an unsustainable trajectory. Could it be possible that the thing that drives us into an unhealthy pattern is the feeling that there is something unknowingly wrong with our nature? Absolutely.

Instead of needing to fix ourselves to be happy, we can learn to feel satisfied and this begins to fuel our drive. There is often less resistance when the motivation for action comes from joy and genuine curiosity as opposed to dissatisfaction.

This requires a paradigm shift. In order to change this cycle, we need to transform the energy inside of us that is insisting that something is wrong. The thing that is wrong is the thing that is telling you that something is wrong. Believing that everything is bad begets everything becoming bad. Believe that everything is good and everything becomes good. It will surprise you, that with this shift, even the things that you thought were negative, become positive. Stop reaching for something, and you will find that there is nothing left to reach for. At last you will find that you can generate the thing, and that thing becomes what you make it to be.