Feng shui for Fall Workshop with Grandmaster Stanley Ngui

This was a wonderful sunny day. The attendance was great: a lot of our students had come, some Sifu James’s students, and even some new people.

During the course of the workshop, the audience was very attentive for the 3 hour period, and a lot of intelligent questions were asked. Seventy five percent of the audience was writing notes. 

Every person had an article to be blessed, and I did a mass blessing.

Questions and comments were:
When are we having another seminar?
When next are we having any kind seminar / workshop?

I think we must have a seminar for each season now. It was great to see such interest in Feng Shui and I’m glad all attendees learned some helpful things about how environmental energies can affect your life.

Thanks to all of you.
Stanley Ngui.

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