Let Go of the Conscious Mind

As we continue on the journey of self-development there is a natural tendency for many of us to need to know when and how we will arrive at our destination. In our search for answers about how to get there, it can be easy to miss that we are evolving and simply asking the right questions encourages the transformation. Constantly focusing on how we will achieve our goals can depreciate our sense of personal value as we get stuck in a loop of ‘not there yet’. For it is not our success or failure, that define us, it is the relationship we have with ourselves and it is through this relationship that we connect to the rest of the world. 

The part of us that needs to know is on a quest to find logical explanations for our circumstances and how to move forward. This need to know can be considered an aspect of the conscious mind and it wraps information into small packages of thought. The trouble with the conscious mind is that it is only a small fraction of the mind as a whole and when we weight it too heavily, it overshadows our innate, inborn wisdom.  Too much focus with the conscious mind narrows our perspective and disconnects us from the mysterious growth that unfolds when we do not calculate every step. When the conscious begins to surrender to our deeper ways of understanding we can see that questions are more important than answers. When we ask questions and remain open we see that there are infinite potentials and that following the threads of our curiosity tends to lead us to deeper learning and provides the mind with an advantageous direction. 

Setting goals and having something to work towards is one of the ways to provide us with a sense of direction and purpose. But goals can be hijacked by the conscious mind and used as a measuring stick for whether we are doing well or not. Most of our life is spent growing into goals rather than achieving them, meaning that the way we grow, one small step at a time, is where we should place importance. After we set a goal we must surrender to the changes that take us there because inevitably we will make some stops along the way and find ourselves in some unexpected places before we arrive. 

The conscious mind becomes our ally when we use it to make decisions about when and how to act. We can use it to filter through information and then choose which way we want to go, but as we take the journey, we can settle in and embrace our unanswered questions as a source of strength and willingness to learn.

Written by Sijie Jessie Zsolt