Our Days at the World Qigong Forum @ Japan

6:00PM – When I arrived in Japan, I was greeted by our guide and interpreter who was accompanied by Dr. Chow. We traveled directly to an authentic sushi restaurant and met there Dr. Xin Qi Ping, the major sponsor, and the vice chairman of the Qi Gong Association of China. We enjoyed a long dinner and great conversation that stretched on until the late evening.

9:00AM – The congress kicked-off with a general assembly held in a large theater. The speaking went straight through the day and finished with my talk.

6:00PM – The celebration begins! All of the masters spoke briefly, myself included. The evening carried on with dancing and mingling among the guests and masters. We all managed to understand each other despite three languages being spoken!

11:00PM = The party winds down and guests depart for the evening.

9:00AM – The workshops begin!

3:00PM – It’s time for my workshop which is fully booked. Attendees of my workshop report that they appreciated the link between science and logic.

6:00PM – The dinner and presentations begin! I receive an award for “The most impressive workshop”. The masters mingle and everyone has a great time. Dr. Xin Qi Ping is a very warm and gracious host.

9:00AM – My master’s workshop commences. In attendance are doctors and nurses which is a change from the previous workshop. The three-hour time slot finishes quickly. I wish I had more time.

12:00PM – A generous attendee offers to take Marisa Vocca and I on a tour around Tokyo. We saw some amazing sights and even participated in a ritual at a shrine!

10:30PM – After a big day out sightseeing, I arrive at my hotel in Shinjuku.

12:00PM – Marisa and I arrive at the train station where we dine on some amazing sushi, before departing for home.

I had an amazing time in Japan. My host took such great care of me that I felt like royalty. I met some amazing and beautiful people throughout my time there.

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