Qigong is the science of cultivating the body’s internal energy, which is called “Qi” in Chinese. For thousands of years, the Chinese have been using Qigong to improve health and cure illness. The Chinese word “Gong” means effort over time. So we can define Qigong as the training or study dealing with the body’s internal energy that takes time and effort. The Chinese believe that by harnessing ones Qi, you can tap into the energies of the body and learn to listen, control, and even heal oneself. Qigong addresses all facets of the human being as a science, generating an awareness and appreciation for yourself within your environment, respecting the energies of the earth and the universe, and exploring the vastness of the human condition. The goal of Qigong is to enlighten the individual, and since each person is different, each person can strive to obtain a purpose that is suited towards their own life and lifestyle. Qigong practice is over 5,000 years old and has been refined and developed over time to now reveal some of the deep secrets that have made it so powerful. Qigong shows you how to develop the skills to control your Qi, to enhance your life, and live better than you ever thought was possible.

Ngui-Style School of Qigong
At our school of Qigong we dedicate ourselves to not only teaching the Qigong derived and refined through our family over 20 generations, but also the cultural etiquette that is an integral part of how you learn. These ancient traditions are instilled into each student. This teaches honor, humility, respect and empathy as well as an understanding of the “why” so that you always know “why” you are doing the things you are doing, and how this applies to your health. More than just training while you are in class, we encourage Qigong to be part of your lifestyle, and lead this by example. We strive for balance, but at the same time allow each person to progress at the level that is most comfortable for them. We insist that the atmosphere be relaxed and family oriented, so that you may learn comfortably, and patiently. We look forward to adding your great energy to our family.

Qigong is practiced at our studio in Richmond Hill (see address below).


Personal Qigong Sessions

Personal Qigong sessions are available with Sigong Stanley Ngui and Sifu Justin Ngui.
Sessions are held during the day in the clinic. Fee is $300 per hour or $150 per 1/2hour. Call to schedule.


Class Schedule

6:00 PM No Classes No Classes Family Style Qigong – 1st Wed No Classes No Classes
  No Classes Basic Training – 2nd & 4th Wed No Classes
7:00 PM


Individual Classes
Single Class $18.00
5 Class Card $80.00
1-Month Membership (unlimited classes) $120.00
Annual Membership (unlimited classes) $800.00

To Attend a Class
Please call 905.597.5007.
Or E-Mail us at nguiqigong@gmail.com

Sifu Justin Ngui-Hon-Sang – Family Style Classes
Jessie Zsolt – Basic Training

165 East Beaver Creek Road. Unit 24
Richmond Hill, ON. L4B 2N2

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