The Illusion of Progress

It is the nature of people seek a purposeful life. For many people, life becomes a search, measuring progress in materials and collections of materials.  We become lost in   productivity and what we can show others about ourselves, pushing aside inner feelings to continue to achieve.  In doing this, each time realize an accomplishment, we create an illusion of feelings through that success.  And if we try to contain this ability, we find great suffering in just the idea of restriction or at the more severe end, confinement. As a society we believe that life is about the destination, when really, it is about the journey. Each day is made up of many, many moments. Moments where we chew our food, greet our partner, or think about what we are going to do tomorrow. Moments where we write the grocery list, make our children breakfast, take a shower, or feel the sunshine on our face. It is millions of tiny moments that weave together and become the fabric of our life. If we can learn to value these moments as opportunities for growth, beauty, and understanding we will find ourselves much happier.

            To be alive, is to change. Each moment unfolds into the next, and like a flower blooming in season, we are in a constant process of becoming. Change is inevitable, it does not need to be forced. In one sense, it has no beginning and no ending, and in another, we have to start from somewhere.  However, wherever we start, we have to work with where we are, and build upon what we have achieved. There is no line dividing what was, what is, and what will be, there is only where we are and the direction we wish to grow. Imagine your past experiences as the rich soil from which you will grow your future life. With the past as nourishment we make use of what is inside of us towards our new forward direction.

            In this way, we do not achieve goals, we grow into them. As long as there is a vision for where we are going, there is no need to worry about how to get there, just enjoy the journey. When life is not where it should be, or there is a loss of control, loosen the grip, soften the eyes, and welcome the ability to grow and to change. Stay relaxed and place value in each of the small moments, because they will bloom into what comes next.