We’re Open

On Friday, April 2, we were notified of a patient at our clinic that tested positive for COVID-19. Our response was to immediately quarantine the practitioner treating the patient, and quarantine the entire clinic staff due to possible risk of exposure to the practitioner. Of course this meant the clinic was completely shut down.

The rules regarding exposure allow the practitioner to test for COVID-19, and if that person is asymptomatic, allow them to continue working unless symptoms are discovered.

However, we did not want to take that chance, and so the entire staff was quarantined.

Going forward, the clinic will have less than 15 minutes time from practitioner to practitioner, no lunch room, but instead eating in the long hallway with more than 6ft between practitioners. All surfaces will be cleaned continuously during the day. And all practitioners will continue to hand wash, wear surgical masks, and face shields.

We will take the utmost care for everyone that is a part of the clinic. We are all one family.