Welcome to Nguistyle.com.

Our family name is Ngui (pronounced “newee”), we come from generations of healers who have developed a holistic system of healing, mental training and physical fitness that we call “Nguistyle”.

As a holistic center, we practice and teach qigong, feng shui, acupuncture, integrative medicine and traditional Chinese medicine at our clinic and studio in Richmond Hill.

No matter who you are, and what state you believe you are in, the truth of releasing your full potential and increasing your health can only be found by exploring the holistic you. Using the untappedĀ  power within the mind, let go of the visible world around you. Take some time and really listen to your own body. The more you are in tune with it, the more it will provide for you when you need it. With this forward sense of mental momentum, you can rise up and achieve the possibilities that may have seemingly been out of reach. You will alter your being and attain great control over your body’s energy. This consequently causes the body to strengthen and develop both internally and externally. Using basic principles and modern adaptation for our busy lifestyle we can use the time tested traditions of the Nguistyle practices to provide us with means for not only healing ourselves, but living our lives to our full potential.

Let your healing begin.