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At our school of Qigong we dedicate ourselves to not only teaching the Qigong derived and refined through our family over 20 generations, but also the cultural etiquette that is an integral part of how you learn. These ancient traditions are instilled into each student. This teaches honor, humility, respect and empathy as well as an understanding of the “why” so that you always know “why” you are doing the things you are doing, and how this applies to your health. More than just training while you are in class, we encourage Qigong to be part of your lifestyle, and lead this by example. We strive for balance, but at the same time allow each person to progress at the level that is most comfortable for them. We insist that the atmosphere be relaxed and family oriented, so that you may learn comfortably, and patiently. We look forward to adding your great energy to our family.

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This is a family-style of internal martial arts that is centered around developing energy in the body and mind, as well as learning how to adapt energy outside of one’s self and absorb and/or redirect that energy into something that produces an energy exchange that is beneficial. It involves exercise, stretching, mental and spiritual training, self cultivation, strengthening of the physical body, self defense, flexibility, team-work and discipline.

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