First, we will sit down with you to get to know you and your personal situation. We will go over your health history, reasons for seeking treatment, look at your tongue and possibly also take your pulse to complete our Chinese Medicine diagnosis. We will also use this consultation time to answer any questions you may have. Afterwards your practitioner will create a treatment plan that is centered around your objectives. This treatment plan will detail your recommended treatment modalities, frequency of treatment, diet, physical exercise, mental exercise, sleep and general lifestyle recommendations. Right after we’re done with your consultation, you’ll be ready for treatment.

This first appointment is usually an hour but we recommend allowing an hour and a half in your schedule. Your other sessions will last between 45 to 60 minutes. We recommend you allow yourself a few minutes to relax and enjoy the benefits of the treatment before and after before you leave our space and return to your own.

  • Come to your session with a open and relaxed body and mind.
  • Leave your self lots of room in your schedule.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that is loose fitting.
  • Make sure you have energy – eat and drink before you come to us something nourishing but not too stimulating (i.e. coffee)
  • Bring your own pillow if it makes you more comfortable, otherwise we have a ready clean supply.
  • Bring your own blanket, otherwise we can supply ready clean blankets.
  • Bring your own indoor shoes/slippers, otherwise we can supply ready clean slippers.

First Appointment

  • 15mins to 30mins face-to-face with practitioner as they get to know you.
  • 45mins to 60mins on the table for treatment.

Follow-up Appointments

  • 10mins face-to-face with practitioner.
  • 45mins to 60mins on the table for treatment

In the treatment room we do our best to make a calm and rejuvenating environment.
There is background healing music. You may choose to bring headphones to listen to your own music or guided meditation.

Keep your schedule for the remaining part of the day fairly light. Enjoy the relaxation in the body and mind that your session has given you. It continues to work on you even when you are out of your treatment session.

After you have woken up for a deeply peaceful rest, you may feel a sense of clarity in your mind and emotions. Allow yourself to explore this for the rest of the day and enjoy your new energy. Sometimes this may involve laughing, crying, shouting, expressing joy, or a combination. This is a part of your transforming, it is good to allow it to progress as it would naturally.

Relief of stress and pain is another common effect our treatments, whichever your modality. Please take time to really get a sense of that rejuvented state and enjoy your day.

We Are Here For You

We care about your experience. Fill in your details and we’ll contact you shortly.