Everyone Wants to Get There Yesterday

A part of our lives is spent wanting for one thing or another to be different. Feelings of dissatisfaction and incompleteness can define your internal world. This usually becomes the force that drives us to “be better”. For example, the motivation for many people to start working out is often that they are dissatisfied with their body or health. Health kicks such as these are usually short lived, since key source of motivation is feeling bad, creating an unsustainable trajectory. Could it be possible that the thing that drives us into an unhealthy pattern is the feeling that there is something unknowingly wrong with our nature? Absolutely.

Instead of needing to fix ourselves to be happy, we can learn to feel satisfied and this begins to fuel our drive. There is often less resistance when the motivation for action comes from joy and genuine curiosity as opposed to dissatisfaction.

This requires a paradigm shift. In order to change this cycle, we need to transform the energy inside of us that is insisting that something is wrong. The thing that is wrong is the thing that is telling you that something is wrong. Believing that everything is bad begets everything becoming bad. Believe that everything is good and everything becomes good. It will surprise you, that with this shift, even the things that you thought were negative, become positive. Stop reaching for something, and you will find that there is nothing left to reach for. At last you will find that you can generate the thing, and that thing becomes what you make it to be.       

The Illusion of Progress

It is the nature of people seek a purposeful life. For many people, life becomes a search, measuring progress in materials and collections of materials.  We become lost in   productivity and what we can show others about ourselves, pushing aside inner feelings to continue to achieve.  In doing this, each time realize an accomplishment, we create an illusion of feelings through that success.  And if we try to contain this ability, we find great suffering in just the idea of restriction or at the more severe end, confinement. As a society we believe that life is about the destination, when really, it is about the journey. Each day is made up of many, many moments. Moments where we chew our food, greet our partner, or think about what we are going to do tomorrow. Moments where we write the grocery list, make our children breakfast, take a shower, or feel the sunshine on our face. It is millions of tiny moments that weave together and become the fabric of our life. If we can learn to value these moments as opportunities for growth, beauty, and understanding we will find ourselves much happier.

            To be alive, is to change. Each moment unfolds into the next, and like a flower blooming in season, we are in a constant process of becoming. Change is inevitable, it does not need to be forced. In one sense, it has no beginning and no ending, and in another, we have to start from somewhere.  However, wherever we start, we have to work with where we are, and build upon what we have achieved. There is no line dividing what was, what is, and what will be, there is only where we are and the direction we wish to grow. Imagine your past experiences as the rich soil from which you will grow your future life. With the past as nourishment we make use of what is inside of us towards our new forward direction.

            In this way, we do not achieve goals, we grow into them. As long as there is a vision for where we are going, there is no need to worry about how to get there, just enjoy the journey. When life is not where it should be, or there is a loss of control, loosen the grip, soften the eyes, and welcome the ability to grow and to change. Stay relaxed and place value in each of the small moments, because they will bloom into what comes next.

COIVD-19 Update 03-31-2020

According to the Chief Medical Officer of Health in Ontario, there is an immediate risk to health care persons in Ontario from COVID-19. He is mandating that services be ceased for regulated health professionals.

As of 03-21-2020 the clinic is closed for all services including Chinese Medicine and Integrative Medicine treatments.
  • We are available for online consultations: contact us at our e-mail address nguistyleimc@gmail.com to set up a scheduled time.
  • We have herbal prescription pickup on Mondays between 10am – 12pm
  • We will be streaming LIVE classes at 2pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday through Facebook. Please go to our Facebook page to see the videos! Click here for Nguistyle Facebook page.
  • Our blog will be updated multiple times a week with content on lifestyle, qigong, mindfulness and health.

  • Please contact the clinic if you have any questions at nguistyleimc@gmail.com.

    Embracing The Unknown

    All of our lives have all been transformed in one way or another by the recent events of COVID-19. Many of us may feel that we have lost much of our routine, conventional ways and societal freedoms, and without the ability to see an endpoint in the near future, this has most people scrambling to find normalcy.  A great deal of emotion is involved in finding what used to be yours so easily.  The dominant of which no one really likes to talk about. We hide it, we mask it, we ignore it, but ultimately it always catches up with us.  We are talking about Fear.  And more specifically, fear of the unknown.

                However, before we continue, we should to take a moment to recognize fear and understand it a little better. Often without knowing it, fear can be the driving force in much of one’s life. Fear can easily creep into the rational mind. It is the one that pushes for an answer and drives us to fight for control of every detail. Fear boxes us in. It tells us that that if we do not know the outcome, things will not be okay. Fear is cold.  It makes us contract and pull away from the outside world.  And with the unknown as its partner, this environment provides optimal circumstances for fear to take hold one’s life.

                But in the face of the unknown, there is an alternative to fear, that is freedom. How could something so contrary be so useful? The answer lies in your state of mind.  Much of what we perceive as freedom can come from how our mind acknowledges that perception.  And because mental freedom is so influential to our cognitive self, it becomes foundational to our happiness. Our learning changes our perspective, and with a little practice, we are able to re-learn how to experience the world in ways that benefit us. Quite simply if we practice freedom, we are free. Moments of pressure and strain become the ample opportunities we need to cultivate our mental freedom. Over the next week, we are going to learn how to transform a small space into a limitless space. We are going to practice opening our minds and our hearts, so that we can learn how to be free, and the beautiful thing is that all you need is you. 

    What Next? We Go Online!

    We will be starting our online presence for the next few weeks, while the COVID-19 social distancing is in effect.

    If you require a practitioner, please see our Resources page, and schedule a consult appointment with one of our practitioners.

    Please check our youtube channel coming soon!

    COVID-19 Update

    According to the Chief Medical Officer of Health in Ontario, there is an immediate risk to health care persons in Ontario from COVID-19. He is mandating that services be ceased for regulated health professionals.

    As of today, the clinic will be closed for all services including Chinese Medicine and Integrative Medicine treatments.

    Please contact the clinic if you have any questions, as we will be available by phone, and are making provisions to continue pursue online avenues of keeping in touch with all our patients.

    Heath and Safety Update

    As you may already be aware, Covid -19 has been declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization. That said, this is a pandemic that has the potential to be controlled and contained. In our collective efforts to do that, we have made significant changes to our policies and procedures within the clinic. Again, the intention of these changes is to ensure that we are working together to optimize health and safety of patients, their families as well as staff.

    Some of the changes include:

    • All surfaces in the clinic will be wiped down after patient visits including bed, door handles, pillow.
    • Clinic surfaces will be cleaned multiple times daily, such as floors and washroom.
    • Reccomedation that all patients bring their own blankets, pillows and indoor shoes.
    • Masks by all staff.
    • Diligent hand washing by all staff.
    • Staff feeling ill will be advised to stay home.
    • Preventative herbal formulas given to staff and available for purchase by patients to prevent catching the virus.

    We will continue to be proactive in our efforts and would like to thank the entire staff as well as our patients for supporting each other during this time.


    Ngui Family