Gongfu is the balance between physical and mental. It is also the balance between emotions and detachment. It is also the balance between hardness and softness. It is also the balance between existence and non-existence.
To truly understand Nguistyle Gongfu, you must practice developing both internal and external – through harnessing of Qi, fluidity of movement to guide the Qi, and a knowledge of the mind and body with what you can do.
Within this system we encourage self-discipline and motivation. Self-discovery and confidence. Combative and defensive ability as well as the equal ability to heal both yourself and others. True art of the martial art of Gongfu.

Pre-requisite for class is a minimum of 6 months Qigong training.

Please be sure to read our Etiquette and Code of Conduct before training. Click Here


Gongfu Classes

6:00 PM No Classes No Classes Family Style Gongfu (invitation only) No Classes No Classes
7:00 PM
7:00 PM No Classes No Classes
8:00 PM


Individual Classes
Single Class $18.00
5 Class Card $80.00
1-Month Membership (unlimited classes) $120.00
Annual Membership (unlimited classes) $800.00

To Attend a Class
Please call 905.597.5007.
Or E-Mail us at nguiqigong@gmail.com

Sifu Justin Ngui-Hon-Sang – Beginner & Advanced Class
Sigong Stanley Ngui-Hon-Sang – All Classes

165 East Beaver Creek Road. Unit 24
Richmond Hill, ON. L4B 2N2

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