Becoming: The Art of Energetic Transformation

Becoming: The Art of Energetic Transformation

How can you turn your life into a reflection of qi gong practice?

Each moment, one of healing, refinement, higher learning, and dream making. Regardless of whether we know this or not, we are all doing energy work all the time.

Each breath, step, thought, belief, and desire are manifestations of the direction of our life force – each moment is a small act of becoming.

When we put these seemingly insignificant moments together we see our life force in action. Understanding that our very existence is the manifestation of energy, and that change is guaranteed, we can begin to execute a new kind of influence over our world. We are immensely powerful beings, and that power is only amplified when we understand how to work from our true nature – energy. 

Becoming: The Art of Energy Transformation, offers a framework for integrating energy work into your daily life. Learn the foundations of building an energy work practice that can support you in your life’s journey. If you are aspiring to develop a deeper connection to yourself, learning to understand challenges and opportunities using energy, and or seeking to utilize energy to optimize your state of being – this course is designed for you. Five weeks of qigong workshops and 3 personal consultations designed to guide you in the art of energetic transformation.

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