Our Philosophy

You are family to us.

Everyone at our clinic has been touched by change, loss, healing and friendship. We understand what you are going through not only as practitioners, but as people.  All of our clinic family has been on their own journeys, and feel privileged that we can join you on yours.  

Our goals are to assist you on your healing journey, whatever that journey may include.  By training the mind, the spirit, the energy, and the body to be stronger, by healing through food, by psychology of the mind, by building strength in muscle and tendon, or by encouraging rejuvenation and rest.

Simply put, we are people helping people. We are blessed with the benefit of knowledge from generations of healers, now given to you as you come to us.

What to Expect


Personalized Treatment

We have been where you are, we want you to feel welcome, comfortable, and heard. We will asses what is happening based on your situation and customize our treatment to suit you.  You are unique and so is your situation, our job is to find out how to balance you better than you already are.


Therapy Customization

As the patient and practitioner relationship is made, we will discuss our available therapies such as Acupuncture, Light Therapy, Tuina Massage, Cupping, Moxibustion Manual Therapy and Qigong Healing. We will decide together on how best to move forward all included in the treatment. 


Healing Atmosphere

It is important for healing that you relax and enjoy your time with us.  As such, we have a set time of 1-hour for treatment sessions, but realize that some treatments can take more time than others.  Our time together is valuable, and you will take as long as is needed for healing. 

For Your First Time Here

Wear loose clothing.

Bring your own slippers, blankets and pillows, etc. for comfort.

Come 10 minutes early for paperwork.

Methods of payment are: cash, cheque and card.

Bring relevant information to your appointment (list of meds, scans, etc).

Plan to be here for 1.5hrs.

Bring any questions you have, we are happy to help you answer them!


Traditional Chinese Medicine

Developed over centuries Chinese Medicine generated a unique way of seeing not only a human being, but all things in the universe. Healing the body using many different techniques to harness the philosophy such as Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Diet and Nutrition, Cupping, Tui Na, Gua Sha.                                                                 


As energy, blood and fluid flows freely throughout the body, a general healthy balance is possible.  However if there is a disruption, then pain and illness can occur. Acupuncture can rebalance the system using needles at acu points on the body which have the ability to  change the energy, blood and body fluid to create systemic harmony.

Integrative Medicine

With the application and knowledge of generations, the traditional roots of Chinese Medicine can be applied with modern tools such as laser light, bio-photon light and vibrational technology. This modern toolset paired with ancient medicine produces strong healing results in mental, physical and emotional systems in the body.



QiGong is the mother art of every other practice within the Ngui Family Tradition.  Each of the practices at Nguistyle are rooted in qigong, understanding energy and the way it moves and transforms. Learning QiGong begins with an internal practice of working with our own qi, learning to breathe, focus the mind, and tap into the forces within and around us. Once we are able to harness this force, it has infinite applications.


his is a family-style of internal martial arts that is centered around developing energy in the body and mind, as well as learning how to adapt energy outside of one’s self and absorb and/or redirect that energy into something that produces an energy exchange that is beneifical. It involves exercise, stretching, mental and spiritual training, self cultivation, strengthening of the physical body, self defense, flexibility, team-work and discipline.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is more than just the art of fixing your home. It is the science of allowing supportive and resonating energy to thrive in the environment that surrounds you. Whether that environment is your home, or your workplace, or your car, or your trip to the beach. When you enter and environment that does not have an energy that makes you feel good, then you don’t feel good.  Learn how to make your home space nourish your body.

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