Justin Ngui-Hon-Sang

R.TCMP. R. Ac., IMD.,B.ScH., Qigong Master, Gongfu Master

Justin Ngui was born in 1978 into a family that had Chinese medicine, Qigong, and martial arts as a part of their family lineage for twenty-four generations. In 2008 he joined his father in healing people with Chinese Medicine and Qigong at a small clinic in Richmond Hill, Ontario. He is now running the clinic in a new location, with his own apprentices, support staff and other practitioners. He has been given the title of Sifu by his father. Through the clinic, he has been able to provide successful therapy to many individuals from all over Canada, and around the world. Some of his humanitarian efforts include travelling to Haiti to provide therapy to those in need and help with the relief effort.

He has also provided workshops and private therapies to countless corporations over Canada. Some of these include the York Region District School Board and the North American Association of Asian Professionals. Justin has organized countless sold-out events that demonstrate the power and magnitude of Qigong and Chinese Martial Arts. He was the president of the Executive Council responsible for the first ever World Congress on Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Canada. Justin partnered in this event with Dr. Effie Chow, who was a member of the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Presently, he continues the Qigong, Meditation, and Gongfu training, incorporating it into his work with people at the clinic and studio. His goal is to spread the knowledge of the ancient arts to the next generations and train those who seek a greater understanding of life, food, energy, and balance.

Words From Sifu


Training in Qigong has been always a part of my life. Growing up it was just something that we did. My father would have little practices for us to do, and would talk about principles he learned from his father. In my adult life, it exists seamlessly with everything I do. It exists when I take in my first conscious breath in the morning, in the middle of the day when I’m moving and thinking, and at night when I’m encouraging rest and relaxation.  I believe that true holistic training exists as a part of you, and so I encourage this in myself, my patients, my students and my family. Be a part of all things, and let those things be a part of you. 

If you would enjoy this type of “family-style” training, where the focus is on understanding, cultivation, harnessing and applying energy, please send me a message and join the family.


Gongfu practice is organic, just as Qigong. Our practice is based on energetic principles, and trained through the mind-body-spirit connection. Where Qigong you work from the inside-to-outside, in Gongfu we work from the outside-to-inside. Meaning the direction in which the energy moves start from the exterior, and moves toward the interior. Of course because of this, there must exist some energy within first, which is why I do not emplore learning any Gongfu before there is ample Qigong training. That being said, it is one of the most helpful forms of training in dealing with “outside energy” from yourself, and cultivating strength of mind, power of body, and unwavering spirit.

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