Ngui Family Hierarchy

L e v e l   D e s c r i p t i o n s

Master Level
Sigong Grandmaster Teacher Master of all subjects and Head of Lineage.
Dai Sifu Head Master Teacher Head teacher and Master of subjects.
Sifu Master Teacher Teacher and Master of subjects.
Disciple Level
Sisuk Young Master and Assitant Teacher Teaching and in progress of acheiving Mastery of subjects.
Dai Sijie Senoir Female Disciple and Assistant Teacher Finished Level Three. In progress of Teaching.
Dai Sihing Senior Male Disciple and Assistant Teacher
Sijie Senior Female Disciple Finished Level Two. In progress of Level Three.
Sihing Senior Male Disciple
Simoi Young Female Disciple Finished Level One. In progress of Level Two.
Sidai Young Male Disciple
Student Level
Todai Student In progress of Level One.
Instructor Teacher of Ngui Family Qigong System Advanced knowledge of family system.

C o u r s e   A b b r e v i a t i o n s

Ngui Matrix NM [Levels 1 to 3]
Qigong QG [Levels 1 to 3]
Gongfu GF [Levels 1 to 3]
Energy Medicine EM [Levels 1 to 3]
Acupuncture AP [Levels 1 to 3]
Chinese Medicine CM [Levels 1 to 3]
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