Stanley Ngui-Hon-Sang

Ph.D., IMD., Qigong Grandmaster, Gongfu Grandmaster

Stanley is the 23rd generation of the Ngui family. Since the age of four, he has studied with his father and various Masters of Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine. His education includes a Master level in Qigong, Doctor of Philosophy in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Doctor of Acupuncture, Doctor of Natural Medicine, Doctor of Integrative Medicine and Doctor of Humanitarian Services. One of his great honors was being knighted into the Sovereign Orthodox Order of the Knights Hospitaller of St John in 2009. Currently he is a member of the Board of Orthomolecular & Integrative Medicine and World Organization of Natural Medicine Practitioners where he also functions as Ambassador at Large North America and the Chancellor. He is the President for Beyond Abilities Centre (a not-for-profit charity Organization) and department head of Acupuncture and Addictions for the College of Humanitarian Medicine. Stanley is now Chairman of the Academy of Acupuncture and founding director of the Canadian Practitioners’ Association Of Asian Medicine,

In 2006, Sifu Stanley Ngui-Hon-Sang was recognized for his contributions over the years in the martial arts community and became indoctrinated into The North America Martial Arts Hall of Fame. As a Grandmaster in the art of Qigong, he founded the Academy for Chi Kung Studies, and became the founding director of the Kung Fu Federation (Toronto, Canada).

Stanley has taught seminars, workshops, classes and retreats, both locally and internationally on Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Some of the organizations hosting him include: York Region District School Board, Shiatsu School of Canada, Ryerson University and St. Francis Xavier University. Well-known for relevant and practical subject matter, a few of the topics he has spoken about consist of general health, Qigong, martial arts, feng-shui, tui-na, and acupuncture.

In 2010, Stanley traveled to Haiti as the team leader in a mission to care for earthquake survivors and to educate frontline professionals (university nursing students) on natural ways of treating emergency disaster survivors. Another Humanitarian mission was in Peru, where we taught at a local hospital.

As the chief integrative physician at his clinic, he uses a multitude of traditional Chinese therapies such acupressure massage, Qi Gong, moxibustion, herbology and nutrition in conjunction with his modern toolset. Some of his clients consist of players from the NHL, NBA, Lacrosse, PGA, and Olympic Teams.

In 2018, he retired from acupuncture and started Integrative Medicine based on Ancient Medical Qigong Principles using modern tools. This method has quick results and it is non-invasive. It is being taught internationally with a few schools around the world.

Throughout his travels and successes, many people have featured Stanley Ngui-Hon-Sang through media and events. He has been featured in weekly news updates, teleconferences, and shows on national television such as Vision Television in Canada. In 2011, Stanley’s ability to successfully treat terminally ill conditions was featured in a short film documentary Enlighten Me.

Through his research, he has also developed ground-breaking approaches and procedures that effectively treat many kinds of conditions and illnesses thought to be untreatable.

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