Classical Chinese Energy Medicine Program: Course One

Learn the practice of energy medicine through a family lineage to create a fundamental basis of your true energy nature, which can be harnessed and applied to healing using acupuncture or any healing modality.
Through this course you will gain knowledge on ascertaining energy within yourself and of others. You will be able to recognize how it moves and how it is harnessed. You will cultivate Qi and learn how to apply it clinically regardless of modality. This will involve a paradigm shift which uses energetic understanding, physics, logic and feeling.
The content of this course comes from a lineage of healers within the Ngui family that have been passed down for generations. Now for the first time this is being taught outside of the family blood line.
In this Course:
  • We will work with the Qi of the body and the environment.
  • We will learn what it is to learn consciously, while surrendering yourself to your subconscious.
  • We will learn how to become consciously aware of how to change energy through your body, mind and spirit.
  • We will learn not only the theory of energetic balance, but apply it through your own personal experience.
  • We will be able to needle with energy and recognize when it has made a change [only if needling program addon included].
  • We will learn diagnosis through an energetic lens.
  • We will learn a practice of storing and protecting your energy from others, keeping you healthy and unlimited in energy supply.
For this kind of energy training, we incorporate learning through personal experience and group discussion, as opposed to lecture.
We will have a very small class size, under 10 people.
Please come to join me and experience my family’s heritage and learn energy based healing from a time-honored tradition.
Note: This course will be using acupuncture as a modality for treatment.

Course Information

Duration: 4 days (approx. 8 hours per day) with possible extension of an extra day.
Cost: $2,500.00 CAD
(+$500 for Qi-Based Needling on an extra day)
Pre-requisites: [If needling program addon included] R.Ac. or R.TCMP. or equivalent
At least 1 year of experience in a clinical setting is recommended.
Some qigong experience is recommended.

Basic qigong experience is recommended.

Venue: Nguistyle Clinic.
Instructor: Sifu Justin Ngui
Supplies provided: Clinic containing chairs for sitting and treatment tables. (No tables for writing).
Suggested to bring for students: Notebook/laptop. Suitable clothing for Qigong practice (loose clothes, indoor shoes).
Course Outline: Day 1 to 3:
Qigong (1hr)
Energy Theory and Application (7hrs)

Day 4:
Practical Diagnosis and Treatment within the group (partner student/practitioner)
Questions and Answers

Course Dates: October 21-22, 28-29, 2023
Certification: Level One certificate issued after practical testing completion to TODAI Level as part of the Ngui Family Lineage.
To Register: Please email with your request, SUBJECT: REGISTRATION
Payment via ETRANSFER:
$1,000.00 Deposit to hold seat
Balance $1,500.00 one week before session start

Reivews from Students

Total Game Changer

Since Shi Fu Justin became my mentor, my acupuncture practice has completely changed. He taught me the possibility of the acupuncture is limitless and showed me how I can truly help patients to recover. Not only the practical techniques, he also opened the door for me to realize what is out there beyond the physical world. Now I am aware that there is relationships  between the universe, the earth and myself.  This realization was a pure game changer. I’m so grateful for everything he bring in to the lecture. 

  • Yumi Ridsdale TCMP, Cambridge, ON. 
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