Classical Chinese Energy Medicine Program: Intro Course

In a single day, enter the world in which the practice of energy medicine is learned by experiencing qi through a family lineage to create a fundamental basis of your true energy nature, which can be harnessed and applied to healing using acupuncture or any healing modality.

Classical Chinese Energy Medicine Program: Course One

Learn the practice of energy medicine through a family lineage to create a fundamental basis of your true energy nature, which can be harnessed and applied to healing using acupuncture or any healing modality.
Through this course you will gain knowledge on ascertaining energy within yourself and of others. You will be able to recognize how it moves and how it is harnessed. You will cultivate Qi and learn how to apply it clinically regardless of modality. This will involve a paradigm shift which uses energetic understanding, physics, logic and feeling.

Jing Wei Needling Technique (Energetic Needling)

Join Sifu Justin Ngui for this 1-day workshop and learn the basic why, how and when of your acupuncture point prescriptions from an experiential and energetic perspective. This training will enhance your existing knowledge in Zang Fu, Five Element and Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture theory and take you to the next level in designing acupuncture treatments that are uniquely tailored to the constitutional strengths of your patients and the energetic environment specific to treatment time and place.

Mastery of the Mind

This training offers ways to manage difficult feelings and mental health issues by using Qigong and Quantum principles to support the neuroplasticity of the mind. You will learn how to create a neurophysiological environment to support the development of better habits that will get you back on the path you choose. More to be posted here..

Ngui Matrix: Module One

In this class you’ll be able to discover the true possibilities behind Qigong healing methods and how it can help you and your clients on your quests for wellness and health. The NGUI Matrix technique is a copyrighted health care technique created from scratch by Grand Master Stanley. The technique uses both Eastern and Western modalities, but is, at the same time, a radically different approach to healing. It utilizes the subconscious functions of your brain to pinpoint pain and ailments and treat them using your body’s own immune system and problem management processes. As a whole, it brings the science behind qi into practice to better target energies and pains throughout a client’s body. Using the energy stored within the body and meridian flows, you can aid the human body in it’s process of correcting abnormalities and addressing potential future health problems. 


Sigong Qigong Tuesdays Online

Online, Sigong Stanley Ngui will walk and talk you through Qigong Applications Ngui Family Style. This class will focus on theory, foundations and applications of Qigong through real-world situations and current events.


Qigong Family-Style Fridays

Sifu will be teaching Qigong  foundations to advanced level Family-Style Qigong. This will involve study, movement, meditation, mindfulness, lifestyle, stretching, diet and energetics. Emphasis on traditional learning including etiquette, Chinese language.

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Becoming: The Art of Energetic Transformation

Jessie Zsolt shows us a framework for integrating energy work into your daily life. Learn the foundations of building an energy work practice that can support you in your life’s journey.


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