Self Preservation and Maintaining Healthy Boundaries Part I

One of the questions that I get asked frequently is, “how can I manage my energy in challenging environments and maintain healthy boundaries?”.

               There are two different levels of energy, our internal qi, also known as Ren Qi or human qi, and energy that exists outside of us, we refer to this as Tian Qi, or universal qi. As an individual, our Ren Qi has a unique direction that dictates how we evolve naturally through time and space. It also predisposes us to naturally favor particular types of external energy, like favorite foods, places, activities and people. The outside energies we lean into reflect our unique balance: perhaps we are very fiery (“Yang type” energy) and tend to favor activities to match our high energy. Or perhaps we may feel more Yin, favoring softer and quieter energies to interact with, taking time to ourselves and nourishing our bodies. In some cases it may not be external energy as the driving force, but rather internal energy. If we are internally yin, we may seek balance by looking for more excitement in our world through a more yang environment, or vice versa, very yang with a tendency towards excitement, making us look for more calming or yin energies to surround ourselves with.

              If we pay close attention we can feel a magnetism to some energies, like an invisible rope that is pulling us in. When we don’t resonate with another energy we may feel a resistance towards this qi, feeling a polarity, pushing us away from it. Begin by simply becoming aware of this space in between you and the other energy: Which kinds of energy push you away? And which pull you in? We often want to interpret the energies that pull us in as “good”, and the ones that push us away as “bad”, but this is simply our interpretation of the way that we relate to the other energy on a personal level. On a metaphysical level, it is important to not categorize as good or bad, right or wrong, but to stay open so that you may assess your compatibility with that energy. If it is in line with us and will be beneficial to our direction then we are more likely to favor this energy. The more clear we are in our direction, the easier it will be for us to make choices and recognize energies that will be beneficial to us along the way.

             Directional clarity allows us to be more selective when experiencing and integrating energies from the outside world. Whether we are aware of it or not we are constantly collaborating with outside energy, and it is more beneficial if they work well with us. For instance, if the direction we seek aligns with a vibration described as “purple”, then our goal would be to encourage that energy to assist us. If we are very clear that we are on a purple energy journey, we will naturally begin to attract purple energy, and sometimes blue and red energy, as we subconsciously recognize that blue and red will assist us in carrying out a purple direction. We will be able to feel a magnetism towards these energies, knowing that this will aid us on our path.

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