Clouded Eye Lens (Cataracts)

Question: To your knowledge has QiGong acupuncture ever been successful; in helping to clear clouded lenses in the eyes (cataracts). Either alone, or in conjunction with other methodologies and/or supplemental treatments. Any info you can share is greatly appreciated.

The short answer is yes for Qigong and acupuncture helping the eyes.

The eyes are very directly connected to the internal organ of the LIVER. As the eyes are experiencing something significant, the energetic impact of whatever the eyes witness is also imprinted on the liver organ as well. This creates an overflow of energy at the site of the liver organ. In this way the Liver acts as a filter, not only of blood, but of energy that the body experiences.

As a consequence of the connection, the nature of the Liver tends to be more of the direction of TOO MUCH, meaning as it filters it tends to become overwhelmed with energy, disabling its ability to function correctly. We acknowledge this in Chinese Medicine as the tendency for it to become more YANG i.e. firey.
It is also possible for the Liver to encompass a deficient state, although this is less common.
The determination of these two states is very important because it allows for a logical differentiation of methodologies and direction of healing.

For example, if the Liver was towards the Yang nature, it would be sufficient to use the draining or cleansing mechanism (herbs, tonics, dietary adjustments) along with other chosen modalities such as Qigong.
For cataracts, it would likely be the case of deficiency in the eye, and would work very well with Qigong, herbal medicine, and dietary adjustments. Specifically every person’s balance of Liver is independent, so exactly the Qigong, herbs and food used would be personalized to that person’s own balance.

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